About Crustique

Crustique was created to offer you, the customer amazing value, brilliant atmosphere and tasty food with a focus on well-being, making us a unique bakery in Abu Dhabi, and one that we hope you’ll come to love. This is the ultimate café, with healthy baked goods, artisanal bread and so much more, in an intimate space which means you can spend more time speaking to your friends over a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Why Crustique

As you rush off to work in the morning, what’s the first thing on your mind? Most would crave a hot cup of coffee to warm and revitalise them before a long day at the office. At Crustique, we want to offer you a haven, a getaway that comforts you with the best in bakery products to prepare you before the stresses of modern life takes over. At Crustique, we’ve created a comforting eating experience that offers delicious bakery products and baked goods at a price anyone can afford.

So why choose Crustique as your new daily hotspot for drinks, croissants, and other freshly-prepared meals? Because simply put, we stand for quality, delicious and healthy foods, plus new, exciting menu items to try out.

Crustique Concept

Our goal: to offer scrumptious food that’s always fresh and delectable. From the moment you walk into an eco-friendly Crustique store (that’s right, we recycle and reuse as much as we can), you’ll be greeted with the smell of freshly baked bread, hot coffee and the warm, welcoming smiles of our Crustique staff. Our bakery products are uniquely tasty and moreish because of our secret dough formula, perfected over the years to bring you extreme levels of taste.

We also have a large variety of foods to enjoy. Tuck into buckwheat waffles for breakfast, an organic egg omelette for lunch, or organic chicken breast coupled with sweet potato puree and mushroom sauce for dinner. Alongside this, we have a delectable selection of cakes, pastries and so much more to accommodate any taste. Let Crustique become your new favourite hotspot, spending your time with friends, family and loved ones sharing baked goods unlike any other.