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Crustique is a Bakery/Café in Abu Dhabi with moreish products and healthy baked goods.

Abu Dhabi Branch – Open!

We’ve officially launched! Visit us at Al Falah Street, Ministry of Energy Building, Ground Floor

Hey, stop! Take a look at what we have to offer!


Viennosserie Hamper Large

AED 250.00

Viennoserie Hamper Medium

AED 180.00

Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies

AED 15.00

Chocolate Orange Crinkle Cookies

AED 21.00


AED 11.00

Raspberry Marshmallows 180gm

AED 19.00

Chocolate Marshmallows 180gm

AED 21.00

Pain au Chocolat

AED 12.00


Crustique is a homegrown bakery brand in Abu Dhabi with a difference. We offer gluten-free, dairy free and spelt options for breads – all baked fresh on site. Those who want freshly baked goods while still being able to keep an eye on their well-being can now do so with our help. Healthy doesn’t have to horrible and we’ve got the cookies, cakes and other lip-smacking pastries to prove it. Enjoy all the baked goods you love!


We’ve officially launched and are ready to cater to your needs, both through a variety of delivery and dine-in options! Visit us at Al Falah Street, Ground Floor of the Ministry of Energy Building (same building as DIB), for the best in baked goods. Turn breakfast, lunch or dinner into a delicious meal and eat-in, or order online for desserts, pastries and so much more, fresh from our bakery.


Baking 101 – The Chemistry Behind The Crumb
Have you ever sat down and thought about the chemistry that goes into creating those delicious treats on your favourite bakery products list? Chances are like most of us you were too busy enjoying the fluffy texture of that perfectly baked cupcake or surreptitiously eyeing that second creamy chocolate eclair to notice.

Bakery In Abu Dhabi

Crustique’s carte du jour invites you for a plentiful of tastes, and joy!  Thisbake-house, amongst best cafe in Abu Dhabi, enriches you up with some of the best fresh-baked items in town. Crustique,an Abu Dhabi bakery is the best in town.